Factored Datathon 2023

Factored Datathon 2023

Data Engineers | Data Analysts | Machine Learning Engineers | Software Engineers

Paisa Genious

Daverson Arenas | Cristina Gomez

Neurum AI

Julio Cabrera | Mario Ochoa | Juan Chica


Yhorman Bedoya | Gabriel Ceron | Diego Rojas

The Challenge

Join us to create innovative data solutions (web apps, chatbots, dashboards, model interfaces...) that empower businesses by generating insights from product reviews. Ideally, these data products will help solve a wide range of business problems, like product optimization, marketing budget allocation, and many others!

You will receive a set of Amazon reviews from various products in different industries, and your team will represent a product company's data team. Your team will develop an end-to-end data product that is able to analyze all product reviews and generate actionable insights to inform stakeholders' decisions.


Data Engineering: Extracting data from multiple sources, harmonizing datasets, and automating data transformation. Be prepared to work with streaming data as well.


Machine Learning: Exploring and visualizing correlations, selecting vital features, and experimenting with machine learning models.


Data Analytics: Addressing data quality issues, analyzing key parameters, visualizing insights, and selecting relevant KPIs.


  1. Registration and kickoff

    • 22/07/2023
      Registration Deadline

    • 24/07/2023
      Datathon Kickoff

  2. Coding sessions

    • 24/07/2023 - 5/08/2023
      Coding Sessions

    • 5/08/2023
      Last date for code submission

  3. Subsequent stages

    • Code review phase

    • Technical - Business interview phase

    • Closing event (prizes, winners)

What are the details?


The Datathon will take place online. Over Slack , you'll have the opportunity to connect with other participants and Factored Experts. We'll also be hosting workshops, keynotes, and mentoring sessions.


We welcome anyone with experience and/or interest in data in any field related to Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Data Engineering, and Data Analytics.


The Datathon spans over two weeks (see the Timeline section). Code commit windows will be available daily for you to push your changes to GitHub between 18:00 and 21:00 EST. Join our Slack workspace to stay updated on real-time Datathon news and logistics. Communicate with your team through any platform of your choice.

Criteria & Registration

Judging Criteria

Ensure that your solution works flawlessly and delivers impactful insights.

Criteria includes problem understanding, data analysis and modeling, and presentation skills.


  • Teams of up to 4 members.

  • Registration closes on 22th of July, 2023.

Additional details

  • Code submission round: Each team will have to submit the code within the specified window.
  • Interview round: Candidates who qualify will get the opportunity to display their solution to the Factored Panel.

* Don't have a team? No problem! Connect with other participants through Slack and create a team. In case of any extra participants, we'll assign or form teams.

About Factored

Factored was founded in 2019 by Dr. Andrew Ng (Coursera, Google Brain, and deeplearning.ai) and it is now one of the fastest-growing data companies in Latin America. We provide the top 3% of data talent in the Americas to work for top companies in Silicon Valley.

You’ll have unlimited access to a community of experts to help you boost your career and the opportunity to contribute daily to our growing team.

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